We’re your total property management solution. Customize a full suite of features to easily access what you need most, every day.



E-mails, fax machines, voicemail, in-boxes and tack boards – simplify your communications into one place with aXess Point. Greatly reduce response time with push notifications that alert you to new messages and let you know when yours have been read. Send, receive and track communications 24/7 on the go from your mobile device.



Goodbye, log book and paper calendar. Residents can directly schedule community amenities, make maintenance appointments and book other important items like elevators in seconds.



Post important forms for residents to read, review, sign and print. The most common resident questions can now be handled with the click of a button.



Residents can log in, check balances due and make payments – all in just a few seconds from anywhere in the world. No more lost checks, misplaced receipts or unread paper notices. That means faster payments and fewer repeat notices.


Digital Bulletin Board

Found a lost item or have something for sale? Any resident can post or search for items with our popular community features, which also include ratings and reviews, a preferred vendor portal and an activities calendar.


Analytics and Reporting

Measure, manage, report and analyze data. With our analytics feature, organizations can predict their portfolio utilization with greater accuracy, moderate operating costs and better manage capital projects.



We use the most secure cloud-based storage and end-to-end encryption to protect your community’s sensitive information and ensure that you meet compliance standards.

Other Features