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The Back Story

Greetings all,

This is the brief story of how we came about. If you have seen my bio profile picture it shouldn't be difficult to imagine my long hair lathered in soap, in the middle of taking a shower. Now imagine me, soapy head in tow, in an elevator headed down 38 floors to the manager's office because nobody warned me that the water was going to be abruptly shut off at 8:25 am that day. With enough melodrama for three Shakespeare plays I was determined to give somebody a piece of my mind, and did I ever! However, unbeknownst to me, I was actually in for a learning experience myself.  

You see, our story doesn't begin with the water shut-off incident, it begins when Robert, my ever-graceful and hardworking building manager, sat me down and, somewhat defeated and out of options, explained that he was under overwhelming pressure from frustrated tenants who constantly dialed him throughout the day because of a number of issues, especially the ones where he never had enough time to give a heads-up, such as emergency water shut-offs, elevator shut-downs, road closures etc. to the point where work had become a constant game of catch-up.

As a tenant, I could completely relate to the complaints, having experienced my own issues. Unfortunately I had no clue about the other side, Robert's side. The gargantuan pile of work and stress he faced as a result of frustrated tenant inquiries. Frankly, all I was concerned with was myself and my needs, as we all are, but in a building of 550 tenants that translates to a lot of needs and expectations, all leveled at Robert, and this is before he addresses the other important aspects of his job, such as managing projects, employees, contractors etc.

Robert also had to answer to a board of directors that was increasingly unhappy with the current forms of communication, maintenance tracking and overall reporting, among other things.

Robert and I eventually became good friends and whenever he shared his experiences I would make journal entries, so very early it became clear to me that his stress and lack of productivity was compounded by the tools he did not have, and I am certain he was unaware because 'this is how they'd always done things'. If only he could communicate more effectively with his tenants in real-time, he could reduce the number of phone calls and improve his relationship with them. If only he had an alternative to the maintenance clipboards or bulky spreadsheets. If only there was a streamlined way of managing contractors, employees etc.

One day, serveral months and a zillion incessant questions later, Robert invited me to 'shadow' him. An opportunity to actually walk in his shoes, to see how the magic is done. How deranged would I be to turn down the chance to take a dozen phone calls from frustrated tenants! Since that day, we've both never looked back. I shadowed him for several days and what began as an instructive lobby conversation became the genesis of aXessPoint. 

Since then my Co-founder, Michael Harding, and I, set out to determine how widespread these 'pain points' were among property managers and tenants. After hundreds of discovery conversations, focus groups and thousands of hours shadowing property managers at the building and portfolio level, not only did we find that, on average, we save a single manager about 8 to 10 hours a week with the use of our technology, but also that other participants in the industry such as property developers, contractors and insurance providers have pain points that require prescriptive solutions as opposed to off-the-shelf offerings and therefore we follow a diagnostic 'understand-your-pain' approach that's specific to each customer.

Our pledge is to always listen and continue to create value for your organization so that your growth, in turn, becomes our growth. To developers, managers, contractors and tenants who have been and continue to be involved in our focus groups, we thank you!

'Shadowing' and pilot programs continue to be a core tenet of our development and growth philosophy.

We would love to hear from you if you'd like to invite us to spend a few weeks with you to identify where we could prospect for mutual value. Feel free to book me on my business calendar - Click here.

Bello Silitshena
Bello SilitshenaCo-founder & CEO
"Have you ever had the experience of working at your local coffee shop for an hour and during that 1 hour you accomplished more than you would with 8 hours in the office? Almost everyone has had those pockets of intense productivity. One of the primary drivers of our success during that one-hour in the coffee shop is that we avoided interruptions."

Mark Murphy 


Our Core Values

The values that define our company are rooted in the idea that the happiness of our customers is paramount. We are there when you need someone dependable to help you on the journey of uplifting your community members using technology.