Contractor Management

Introducing aX360®

aX360® is a contractor management system designed to assist building management to ensure the OSHA compliance of each contractor who provides services on site. aX360® uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, where the system is fully hosted on the cloud and users can access it from anywhere on the Internet.

Worker Sign-In

Workers sign-in to sites principally using an aX360® kiosk. If all the workers compliance requirements are in place and they select an acceptable SWMS the worker can complete their sign-in and a sticker is printed out which they will wear and display.

Worker Sign-Out

When the worker signs out they can record any incidents or injuries or risks or hazards that they observed.


For a contractor to be able to work on site the site management will specify what types of services the contractor can provide at their building.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Contractors can create SWMS for their work at a building. They can create them directly on the system using a template or create them off-line and upload them for later use on site. The developer or site management accepts the SWMS before they can start working on site. If they do not select an acceptable SWMS they cannot work on site.


Developers can specify compliance requirements that contractors must satisfy before their workers can sign in on site. These can include company Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation and General Contractor's licences for providing certain services.


This feature ensures that all workers are certified or trained to carry out work at a site. aX360® has an certification/training module enabling the developer/site management or the contractor to create simple or complex certifications based on the presentation of OSHA material and an on-line question and answer session.

Time and Attendance

Built into aX360® is automatic time and attendance recording. The developer/site management can instantly see who is on site, what work they are doing and their SWMS.

Mobile aX360

For smaller or remote sites, there is a mobile version of aX360® which contractors can sign in using a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or other device with internet connection. This uses their GPS location to determine the building where a contractor is signing in. This has all the compliance and other checks that exist when a worker signs into a aX360® Kiosk


There is a facility for tenants to be set up for a building. Using this feature records can be kept of work that contractors have done for a tenant as distinct from work for the base building.


The purpose of the Case Management System is to record and track Work Requests and all the information related to them. It is integrated with aX360® and is an additional tool to assist in facilities management.

Case Management System holds the following information:

  • Clients
  • People within a client’s organisation
  • Clients’ Properties
  • Security access levels
  • Cases (Work Requests)
  • Work Steps (Tasks within a case)
  • Resource and costs estimates
  • Purchase orders received from clients
  • Timesheets
  • Actual resources used and costs incurred
  • Invoices issued to clients
  • Documents relating to a case or work step
  • Diary notes relating to work steps


aX360® has an optional “Rostering” module. Contractors who take up this option can roster their staff to work at any site on aX360®.


Easily prepare a schedule of your employees’ working hours - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


The module is integrated with aX360® so the actual hours on-site can be recorded against the rostered hours


The system has rules based around the legislative requirements of awards. It has been designed particularly with cleaning and security awards in mind.

Rostering shows:

  • The number of ordinary hours to be worked each week
  • The days of the week on which work is to be done the starting and finishing times of work for each day of the week.


  • aX360® Rostering is fully integrated with the aX360® sign-on and sign-off.
  • A manager can build a roster with a simple graphical interface based on a calendar.
  • The system manages hours for students and visa holders.
  • It can record annual, sick and other leave. Managers can reconcile actual and rostered Hours. aX360® Rostering can be interfaced with payroll and HR systems.