Insurance Management

  • Increase your target revenue
  • Decrease policy rates
  • Expand your competitive advantage
RAP (Rapid Alert Process) ™ is an event reporting facility which enables building management to:
  • Report incidents;
  • Conduct regular inspections;
  • Record hazards and manage contractor’s performance on-site as soon as an event has occurred.
The preventative aspects of the system are designed to mitigate risk and ultimately nip potential losses before they occur.


aXessPoint arms our insurance partners with a tool that provides real-time robust historical data that enables better decisions related to new customer acquisition, underwriting, renewals, stronger preventive maintenance practices, and much more resulting in improved asset management, asset value, market share, revenue flow and profit performance across our valued network.


RAP™ is fully integrated with aXessPoint. Immediate notification is sent to designated staff, where appropriate. The system guides the user through the reporting process. It can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android and other smart phones. The insurance partner entity has real-time access to the data being reported across their client portfolio.

Risk Mitigation

Daily inspection tasks are stored in the system. Any items that fail inspection are highlighted. A hazard record can be created automatically if as a result of an inspection a hazard is identified.

Incident Response

Incidents are reported instantly using a mobile device. There are alternative actions depending on the user’s response to an incident. Incidents are escalated to appropriate staff depending on their severity. The system sends alerts to those who need to be informed or need to take action on the incident. Open incidents appear on all relevant persons' dashboards until actioned.


Any hazards identified in a building are recorded in the system. If the hazard cannot be eliminated, the system guides the user through a risk assessment process. If works are required to eliminate the hazard these are recorded. Appropriate staff are alerted about the hazard depending on the severity.

Contractor Performance

The purpose of this section is to check that contractors are conducting their tasks in accordance with their SWMS. The system displays a list of contractors who have signed in on aXessPoint with SWMS and are currently on site. Displayed on the building managers mobile device are the SWMS that the contractor has said they will be using. The staff member can verify that the contractor has put in place all the controls they said they would to mitigate any risks.


There is a dashboard home page that enables a manager to easily track any outstanding items. This is essentially the manager’s TODO list. As soon as a report is submitted in RAP™ it appears on the relevant manager’s dashboard instantaneously. The following types of reports will be grouped in the dashboard:
  • Reports in progress
  • Reports to which they wish to add more information
  • Reports which are scheduled for completion on the day
  • Reports which are due to be reviewed e.g. Hazard event report