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See how aXessPoint can save you money, time and labor
with a smarter approach to property management.

50,000-Unit Portfolio


SAVED: $150K

  • Mailers
  • Violations: Labor + Printing
  • Communications
  • Remote tasking



  • HOA follow-up/Responsiveness
  • Client Retention based on tech



  • Based on the addition of 6+ new clients from previous projection
Total Annual Savings = $700,000

Amenity Reservations (492-Unit Building)


  • 400 phone calls per month
  • Average phone call = 10 minutes
  • 800 hours annually


  • Data entered onto paper or digital calendar
  • Follow-up done by phone/email/paper


  • Self-populating calendar
  • Residents make their own reservations pending manager approval
  • Follow-up done via app (100% automation)
Total Annual Labor Savings = $20,000

Broken Rail Maintenance (RFPs)

  • 1Reported by Tenant
  • 2Acknowledged by On Site Manager
  • 3Forwarded to the Account Manager
  • 4Account Manager travels to site for assessment
  • 5Takes Pictures, Notes, and Measurements
  • 6Return to the office to send 3 or more RFP’s
  • 7Follow Up with Vendors
  • 8Bids Presented to Board manually and by email


Total Time:
5 Hours 30 Min
Labor Cost:
aXessPoint WAY
  • 1Reported by Tenant including pictures via aXessPoint
  • 2On Site Manager confirms request
  • 3On Site Manager sent RFP’s to 3 or more Vendors Via aXessPoint
  • 4Bids Presented to Board via aXessPoint


Total Time:
35 Mins
Labor Cost:

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have used aXess Point's software for 2 years in a Honolulu high-rise community with 330 units. It's a highly effective way to disseminate information to everyone quickly. aXess Point helps us easily handle things like announcements, work orders, and contacts -- it is a one-stop hub for our communications. At first, our board thought it was too good to be true, but it makes everyone's job so much easier -- from resident managers to administrators and board members".

Kanani Kaopua®, PCAM®
Vice President & Senior Property Manager | Hawaiian Properties

"aXessPoint eliminated 350 to 400 resident phone calls a month. 1,000 residents reserving amenities and elevators using the app is winning".

John C. Horvath MBA, CMCA®, ARM® AMS®
General Manager | Pacifica Honolulu

"We have used aXess Point since 2014 to help our management team better communicate with residents. More than 70 percent of our 331 condominium units in Honolulu have downloaded the app. It’s convenient to immediately send push notifications, including important community notices such as an emergency water shut off or scheduling changes for services like window washing".

Jesse H. Johnasen, CPP®
Operations Manager | One Archer Lane