aXess Point is a Honolulu-based technology company dedicated to the better management of properties, facilities and enterprises. Our software improves efficiency, performance and processes, and our easy-to-use reporting allows stakeholders to make better strategic decisions.

We were founded in 2014 after observing the challenges of resident and manager communication in our own buildings. After being asked by a property manager to develop a quick text message solution, we saw a real need in the marketplace for a more comprehensive digital tool that could be easily used and personalized by different communities. aXess Point soon caught on as one of Hawaii’s leading property management apps, and it continues to grow for properties of all sizes.

We are members of Blue Startups, a select cohort of technology mentors and entrepreneurs in Hawaii, as well as the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).


Our leadership team has more than three decades of combined experience in hospitality, software development, and the management of buildings and construction projects. This in-depth and multi-faceted background has shaped the development of aXess Point into a highly functional solution for properties throughout Hawaii and the mainland U.S.

Bello Silitshena
Co-Founder and CEO

Bello has nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, previously working in restaurant and hotel-resort operations for high-volume organizations such as Disney World and celebrity chef Guy Fieri Signature Restaurants.

Bello also spent 10 years in software development, launching and overseeing software firms in California and Hawaii. He currently runs the day-to-day operations of aXess Point, including marketing, business development, finance and overall strategy. He is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, and has served as a featured speaker for the Hawaii Venture Capital Association (HVCA), among other “Island Innovators.”


Michael Harding
Co-Founder and CSO

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in construction, construction project management and building management. He recently served as the managing partner at a Honolulu-based software company, where he maintained sales programs and built business relationships. In his current role, he develops aXess Point’s customer-support functions. He also oversees sales strategy.

Our Clients

From communities with just a few doors to landmark residential properties throughout Hawaii and the mainland U.S., our clients are using aXess Point to provide superior community living. Here’s what they have to say:

Kanani Kaopua, PCAM®
Vice President & Senior Property Manager
Hawaiian Properties

“We have used aXess Point’s software for 2 years in a Honolulu high-rise community with 330 units. It’s a highly effective way to disseminate information to everyone quickly. aXess Point helps us easily handle things like announcements, work orders, and contacts -- it is a one-stop hub for our communications. At first, our board thought it was too good to be true, but it makes everyone’s job so much easier -- from resident managers to administrators and board members.”


Jesse H. Johnasen, CPP®
Operations Manager
One Archer Lane AOAO, Inc., Honolulu

“We have used aXess Point since 2014 to help our management team better communicate with residents. More than 70 percent of our 331 condominium units in Honolulu have downloaded the app. It’s convenient to immediately send push notifications, including important community notices such as an emergency water shut off or scheduling changes for services like window washing. aXess Point works great for the small stuff, too – like letting a resident know we are holding a delivery for them while they are out of town.”